#NABLOPOMO: That book, abroad #plantpottales

Playing a bit of catch up with NaBloPoMo, it’s hard being a couple of days out of sync. This time last year, I wrote about how I might write a book. Frequent readers will know that I did, and it is available in both ebook and print.

The book, like me, is born in Britain. It’s subject matter is an allotment in the middle of England. Not Middle earth, middle of England. Britain has a thriving gardening community, that is incredibly diverse. From the amateur allotmenteers like me, to the more seasoned and professional Gods of Horticulture.

So when it goes to the US, that is something beyond my original aspirations.  Serendipity books and more have agreed to stock a handful of copies, and that is pretty damned amazing.

Then there are the reviews:

Not bad are they? It was incredibly scary writing and then publishing. There was certainly a sensation of having sliced off a bit of your soul and sent it out into the universe. So it is very, very, very encouraging when people buy the book and review it. Tells me what they have got out of something that I am very proud of having created.


If you read it, even the sample, then please share it. Review it, put it onto your Goodreads thingy.

Most of all, enjoy it.




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