Talking Pictures: Petal Videos

Over the last few years I have occasionally taken some videos on the plot. Most of them were used on the blog, the odd post contains a short clip that I have filmed. Recently I have been trying to create a few more bits and pieces to add to the blog.

The you tube Channel Link is there if you click on it.

You can find a small selection of clips, I haven’t uploaded that may. Mainly because I am still learning how to do it! But also because I am learning and trying to decide what is the most useful and appropriate material to use. I make no apologies for my accent! The Birmingham Britain accent does get something of a bad press in the media, whilst mine is not as bad as the stereotyped version; idiolect and vernacular are somewhat unavoidable.

Have look at what is there, I would like to add to this; and hopefully I will. Just a case of finding things that are useful and interesting.

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