Petal’s ebook bash: 3rd September 2018


And so there were will be five. There will be five books out there with my name on, that fall under the umbrella of Petal’s Potted Preserve and the Orticultural Obbit Blog journey.

As such, there will be something of a book bash throughout the week commencing 3rd September 2018.


September the 3rd is release day for Kangana.

If you have pre-ordered, you will be able to find it waiting for you on your kindle.

The two gardening books are both on a kindle countdown, and you can get them for half price.

 RTP new swing 2

For five days only, you will be able to get Retreating to Peace free as an Ebook.

Free, completely gratis!

Last but not least. Fragments.

If you buy any of the books, as a match-book, Fragments will  be cheaper than normal!


So don’t forget to bookmark this post, share far and wide. You might find something interesting!