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Blue moon rose: what a misery


Don’t get me wrong, I love my roses. They are beautiful, and mine have been really productive. A real pleasure.

Except this one.

This bloom, the blue moon hybrid rose. This has to be the most miserable rose I have had the misfortune of cultivating. It grows rather spindly and slowly, throwing up only a handful of blooms. Compared to the rest of the plot, this is a fairly bottom set rose.

Once in a blue moon

Blue moon rose
Blue moon rose


Over the summer, all the post roses flourished and flowered. A majority of them flowered more than once. However, there was one particular bloom that adopted something of a nonchalant attitude in comparison to it’s bedfellows. That would be blue moon. I was somewhat disheartened by this creature. First of all, because it is lilac and not blue. A sort of sappy lavender. Second. it gave all of two flowers and then decided to give up the ghost. It simply could not rouse itself to do anything else.


So I left it alone. Whilst the others, have bloomed, gone back to sleep, been dead headed and cut down. I didn’t fancy cutting this guy down. Especially as he had formed a few new flower buds. I would have gladly, taken my secateurs to him. Lopped him down. Only that seemed a bit sad. He was trying to make an effort. And here he is today. Blue, lilac, smudges peeking through the bud leaves. It’s dark, desolate and December, but I don’t think that Blue moon actually cares.