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World Book Day 2016: Thursday 3rd March

I hear it’s World Book Day tomorrow; the global celebration of literary fiction, of characters that inveigle themselves into our imagine to loom larger than life, and of the passion and pride that authors feel when their words are read and enjoyed.

Admittedly, these were my second. third and fourth thoughts after thinking of my own book and how I could plug it all day tomorrow. Not the most appropriate thought I suppose when there are books for every taste and interest that should be celebrated. I wrote mine as it corresponds to mine, the fortunate thing being that there are people out there for whom I hope it is useful. I enjoy having a vegetable patch, and I wanted to share the lessons learned from it.

It is less than seven months since I published #Plantpottales, and I am trying to think of what to do next. There is a current work in progress, with slow and steady progress being made. I do have a self imposed deadline that I am working towards; and two months in it is feeling rather tight already. I don’t write full time, I don’t even play on the plot full time; so it is shoe horned into the real life. This makes having a monthly quota a challenge, and I have a long list of things I want to write and put into the work. It’s a move away from non-fiction; I am trying to use my imagination and a thesaurus to create a work of fiction.

But I would also like to write another non-fiction gardening book. The thought has entered my mind of late. It will have recipes in it, certainly. I have a list! Of the assorted jams, jellies and chutneys that have been plot experiments. (I’m going to be cautious here and tell you that I am not a professional preserver but a hobbyist, so don’t be expecting full scale rules and regulations for health and safety et cetra. Keep yourself and your kitchen safe, all right?).  Whilst I have the list of recipes, I will need to reflect on what I put in the book proper. This means devising a list of chapter headings in the same way I did when developing #plantpottales. Some serious reflection is required as to what I want to put into it; knowing what I had put into #plantpottales.

This is the first-I think-World Book Day that I can experience as an author. I might be self published, but an author nonetheless, and I like to think that #plantpottales is one of the many books out there that will be appreciated not just tomorrow, but also beyond. The growing season has but just started!

With two possible, projects for the coming year, I can only hypothesis what world book day 2017 might be like.

Book Worm Bonanza: @AstleyBookFarm


It’s been a while since I blogged about books. And today, I just had to. Accompanied by a lovely counselling classmate and friend of mine, I spent the afternoon at Astley Book Farm. I have heard a lot of positives about it, certainly about the cake, so was looking forward to visiting.

The book farm is epic. A ten bob barn, where there are thousands of books, all priced at the princely sum of fifty British pence. The main body, is a nirvana for all bookworms. There are bookcases and bookcases of books.

I felt my heart go thud as I stopped at the Ian Fleming section. Bond books. Dating back to their first publication. Okay, I have the electronic versions, and I have now read all fourteen of the originals. But to have them there in front of you, in black and white, paper back. That is something else. I remember being an A-level student, trying to find original Fleming books, and having no luck. At that time, the universe didn’t mean for me to have them. Not until today, and I picked up a copy.

Then there is star trek. I like Star Trek, the next generation at least. So I homed in to two books. Like the Fleming books, there is something about the books, the history in the pages.

So many books, I can see how it would easy to while away the hours there and not realise.

Visit. You know want to.