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Climbing and running beans

20140426-110409 am.jpg

20140426-110537 am.jpg

These are always so damp and wet to observe. At the moment the climbing beans have germinated and seem to be okay. The runners are taking their time somewhat. I think a few have started to rot.

These were only an initial sowing. I think I will sow some more in the coming weeks anyway. Need to put up some more wig wams anyway.

Running and climbing: bean waiting y

20140410-042624 pm.jpg

Ma has made her feelings about running beans-her words, not mine-very clear. And made a request for there to be lots of running beans. For the moment, have sown nine of both scarlet emperor and enorma. In addition, there are French climbing bwans. Two experimental ones, with cobra and blue lake being sown for the first time.