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DCIU Film success: Vesuvius International Film Festival

A bit delayed, but some good news.

As you aware Devan Coultrie is Unwell was released last month. It has subsequently been entered into film festivals.

The first of which was the Vesuvius International Film Festival in Campania, Italy.

I was rather excited to see that DCIU had in the first instance been selected in this edition of the festival and in the Best COVID-19 Short category. Then the film was declared a finalist, before actually winning!

A rather cool achievement really, given how long the journey has been to get the film out. Plus, now it’s a winner of a competition!

A thank you to the Vesuvius International Film festival, but also the to the cast/crew whose hard work is now being appreciated.

You can click on the DCIU page at the top to watch the film for yourself. Please also keep your fingers cross as DCIU continues it’s film festival journey.

Devan Coultrie Is Unwell: A teaser


Confused, out of sorts; Devan’s day isn’t going well. From the bathroom, his bedroom to a bar. What exactly is going on?

A JAmedia.uk Production. A Punam Farmah Film.

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