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Aloos, gobi’s and shalgums

The hour spent on the plot this morning. Is best described as seminal. A success.

You can find the photographic evidence on the Facebook page. But success is hard to express.

Yesterday, mama h was positively bouncing. There were caulis in the plot. She told that that there was two. One as big as her hand. Today. We found three, the one really was as big as her hand. They’ve been left today. To get bigger still.

Then there was those tiddler tomatoes. These were sunk into the areas cleared of Bolted radishes. There are also some bolted moolis, which I think are going to be left to form spicy seed pods that hark back to my childhood.

As June departs, it’s time to furtle for potatoes. New potatoes at least. And furtling was done. Retrieved a dozen or so new potatoes. Most were orla, and few of kestral. The floo’ers are deceptive. In most cases, the tubers are only the size of a pea or a marble. Alas. We have potatoes. Making that experiment a qualified success.

Will be leaving those for a while though. To see we move beyond all leaf. Ma has plans for the harvest. It’s called dad’s dinner. Curried turnips and swedes. With the spuds boiled and put into aloo paneer.

And my lunch today? Fenugreek chapatti. Not bad that.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit