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#NABLOMPOMO: Squash Sowing 2015


I have been trying to wait, and now sow squashes. Mainly as the grow quickly, but also because we still get a frost until the end of May. So any seedlings would be fairly big by then, and would also have to be hardened off. In the past, some of the varieties that I have grown have been brilliant, others less so. I have also had the misfortune of some being eaten by slimers. This is why, I have sown a varied and large variety.

The Varieties as follows:

  • Ghost rider pumpkin
  • Marina Di Chioggia
  • Patty Pan
  • Yellow Scallop
  • Uchiki Kiri
  • Soleil
  • Sweet Dumpling
  • Astia Courgette
  • Honey Bear Squash
  • Cobnut
  • Striato Di Napoli
  • Tondo di Piacenza
  • Tiger Cross marrow
  • Bush baby marrow

There are loads, and normally, one, maybe two plants would be sufficient for a family. I have been known to give away courgettes to friends, family, colleagues, anyone who I knew didn’t mind fresh veg. There is the risk, that I will be over run. I am sure that they will be used, given to a good home, or meet their ends in a chutney of some kind.

Ghost rider pumpkins make an appearance, I have sown these previously, and also saved their seeds. Patty pan and yellow scallop were a really good variety that was sown a couple of years ago.

Yes, there are lots and lots.  I have sown one or two of each variety. Seeds have been put into the pellets-I know not all folks uses these, but I don’t like getting told of by the parents for having soil all over the house-on their edges. Apparently this stops them rotting, not so sure, so testing this. Covered with a propogator lid and left in a warm place. I have also sown some tongue of fire climbing beans. Think these are borlotti beans. As well as some experimental painted lady running beans. Ma has been champing at the bit to sow running beans directly, but I have been trying to dissuade not to sow directly as these get eaten by the clay so early.

All that remains to be seen now is whether any of these triffids germinate.

Squashed together

20130816-064618 PM.jpg

This a baby sweet dumpling. The seeds came from GYO mag, and were freebies. Have never grown them before, well not with any success last year. At the moment, there are two babies that look reasonably well. Rather looking forward to seeing them develop.

20130816-064818 PM.jpg

If you squint hard enough, you will see two yellow smudge like squashes. These would be jack be little pumpkins. One is distinctly larger than the other; but the vine is motoring along quite nicely. In comparison, the hooligan vine is really quite small and developmentally delayed. It is only just starting to sprawl. All of these squashes are being grown up rather than out.

20130816-065104 PM.jpg

This here beast is a cobnut. A very leafy cobnut. Again, being grown up; as slimers tend to start munching if left to sprawl across the ground. There is a single solitary boy flower that is bright and blooming. I have yet to see any girl flowers. Harks back a little to the butternut squash from a few years ago. This is not as big, comparatively speaking. Would be interesting to see if this actually crops. Given how late it is in the season now; I’m not entirely sure that it will.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit