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The fruit trees were positively frilly with blossom. The blossom has long since disappeared with the wind, and it is now possible to see whether or not the fruit has set. The concorde pear tree, which has til now had not a lot going for it; does appear have set something. Not many nobbly bits are visible on the otherwise quite leafy tree. But they are there. The braeburn, falstaff and worcester pearmain are also showing signs of fruit setting.

Then there are the raspberries. Now, we have a number of different varieties, which span the growing season. What you see is the first flower on the summer fruiting canes. Not many of the all season collection have sent out green shoots and runners. So it was a surprise to see a white bloom. I know that the canes have to be so old before they send out shoots and runners. All of the canes are what I believe to be two years old.

The varieties that I have are:

  • Tulameen
  • Malling Jewel
  • Glen Cova
  • fall gold
  • Autumn bliss

The latter two are the autumnal ones. Sadly, I can’t remember which bed had which other summer raspberries in. I have also seen the autumn raspberries start to develop white blooms. A bit early, but I won’t argue with mother nature. I remember last year that the autumn bliss were really an abundant cropper, even with two single canes.

Rosemary re-homing

Mum has rather successfully cultivated two epic sized rosemary bushes. And they were taking over the garden path. So armed with my fork, she dug them up. We then trundled down to the plot with them. Again, she took up a gardening spade and dug two holes to plug them in.

There was a lot rosemary fragrance wafting around.



The runner beans and climbing beans have germinated and shot up. I think I might need to harden them off in the coming week. This means having to build a frame at somepoint as well. Debating at this moment, whether I would like to sow more. I have scarlet emperor, cobra and blue lake in the picture, and about dozen plants each. They are very productive, when they get going, that is what I do know.

tomato tears…almost

Had a spot of drama today. Hadn’t been able to go down to the plot for a few days, so karma turned around and bit me. My previously pride of joy tomatoes had dehydrated in the heat of the wendy house. Whilst it is ventilated, these were still fleeced so cooked. I did feel a big stomach flip, and sadness, at having possibly lost them. Emergency hydration was required. These are all currently sat in a lot of water in the poly tunnel. I did check them this afternoon, and they were starting to revive.

I can safely say, that my heart did sink. One of them, is a gonner with the main stem. But did have side shoots; so this may be a saving grace. I have learned my lesson. Not to leave them so long. They started out being pampered and precious, this will have to be the case once again!

Something about a flower show?

Apparently, somewhere in London, there is some kind of flower and garden show going on. People have been working hard to create exhibition gardens, that even Her Majesty The Queen has visited with her family. The general public will also be in attendance.

You know. gardening and horticulture is no longe the enclave of the old as the hills flat capped fella. If you see the twitterati photos, the fellas are younger, prettier, and wearing rather nice suits. Didn’t see many ladies though, strangely, though they do exist in this particular world.

I have to confess though, I have no watched the television coverage. I have yet to watch anything like that on the box. Whilst I was quite happy to watch the big allotment series, I don’t even watch whatsitcalled, Gardener’s world. It simply doesn’t speak to me.

The garden’s are epic, there has been alot of work done; alot of crafting. You cannot doubt that. There was even some drama and contraversy, with one company flying in a bloom. I won’t wade into that, personall I’d try and grow my own. I cannot imagine the hardwork and of course money, that goes into such a scheme. I did suggest to the British Psychological Society (they are very good at listening to their members, I got a quick response and a fair hearin), that there could be a Psychology garden-now that would be fairly fabulous-but funding would be an issue. This saddens me, tha money always talks.

I do believe Thrive were there, they work like titans to promote horticultural therapy. So there is a definitely a link between horticulture and talking therapies. It is just not in the public domain in the heavy weight way it could be.


soft fruit flowers

Are my autumnal raspberries meant be flowering, or are they like me, a tad confused?

There over forty canes sunk on the plot. Thirty two of them, are the typical pink ones, the others are yellow. This particular variety, is the fall gold autumnal raspberries that were sunk early this spring. I was not expecting to see an awful lot a this stage. Even then, I had expected the pink all season raspberries to be further on compared to where they are. Not many are green and leafy; they are largely still brown and sticky. There are still very few green runners visible.

So I am little surprised to see the flowers.

The unknown variety of redcurrant appears to have some fruit. This particular plant. is one of two, bought from pound land about four years ago. It is only just getting leafy, and as you can see, having blossom that is fruiting.

Blossoming Blooms: Roses


I have no idea what this rose is called. Only that is nearly as tall as me-I barely scrape five foot- has two limbs as it were, it’s a mystery lost label rose and there are lots of buds waiting to burst open. As we approach the end of the May, more and more of the plot roses are starting to bud up to blossom. Half of the plot, has mystery lost label roses. The aim of this was to form an avenue of roses, that were interspersed with fruit trees Most of these are pink, I think. The top half is something of a fruit orchard, with the raspberry canes, fruit trees and strawberries The other half has the posh roses, and I even know some of their names.  There are roses such as Harry Wheatcroft, blue moon, Christian Dior, the peace rose and Lovers meeting. Lovers meeting is the bright orange bloom that you see in the images below.

These are the pictures from last years rose harvests. As you can see, there was something of an abundance. Hopefully, there will a repeat performance this year.

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