Tomato tantrum

20130411-084219 PM.jpg

20130411-084330 PM.jpg

Prior to the Easter Holiday, I had very conscientiously pricked not and moved on the many different baby tomato seeds. This was a very precarious process, and a few didn’t make the transfer. The babies that did, did pick up and make great strides.

Then came the holidays. And I made a huge mistake. I drenched them before I left, left a lot of water in the tray. But didn’t bank on the up and down classroom climate.

Coming back after the fortnight holiday, I returned to carnage. All were keeled over, many were crispy and curled too. Cue panicked dash to water them. Sadly, not many pepped up. The three that you see in the picture were the only survivors. Woefully demoralising, as I don’t seem to have much luck with tomatoes. I will be resowing as soon as I can, thankfully I do have some time still.

I have no idea what varieties the survivors are, there were both bush and cordon varieties. The purple colour the babies turned was rather pretty.

Have had a rummage in the seedbox and will be resowing.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit