Allez Alliums

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I know that there is a least one overwintering onion on the plot. Saw one today. Suggesting that some did it fact survive. There were a few varieties, both red and white, that were planted. In spring, subsequent onions were planted.

With that, there is garlic and shallots. This year, is much better than last year for shallots. In that they are there. They exists. There are about a dozen clumps in various places. Definitely more successful than last summer.

Then there is the garlic. I did sink a lot more than the autumn before last( but again, weather is a compromising variable. It is getting rather tall, a little wind burned; but looking good. Showing no signs yet of wanting to come up. There are both soft and hard necked varieties planted.

Red onions do feature heavily on the plot. Having previously sunk red electric onions, I am intrigued as to what will come up. Red electric were very small. A red onion trait, I think.

At least the Vampires will be kept away.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit