Sunny Saturday

I was awoken by mama h this morning, she was in full bounce. Whilst I would be having a short lie in; she was going down to the plot to harvest fenugreek for dad’s dinner.

20130608-035622 PM.jpg

So it had to be cooked, didn’t it.

20130608-035647 PM.jpg

20130608-035658 PM.jpg

We had also gone to the shop around the corner, as mama h wanted a second watering can-the kenny-for the plot. As then it would be quicker to water things with two of us. Whilst we were there, we picked up some bedding plants.

20130608-035852 PM.jpg

On the left are some red, white and salmon pink geraniums. In the middle Are marigolds, with Indian pinks on the right. There is a part Bollywood theme going on here, I think.

There was some shuffling in the Wendy house. Was about 30 degrees in there today, not the 40 as seen during the week. I have decided to carry out an experiment.

20130608-040121 PM.jpg

I used to grow chillies like this many years ago, when I actually as some success with them. The black pots are very heavy, space in the Wendy at premium. So these are sat outside, near the raspberries. Each pot is effectively a a small greenhouse/cloche with bag over it.

Still have a bag of 75pence experimental wilkos bag of onions to sink.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural hobbit.