Pretty, purple, potted chillies

20130715-094453 PM.jpg

Aren’t they lovely?

These two pots contain six blossoming and burgeoning purple rainbow chillies. The seeds of which were from Real seeds. I am so very glad that these came home from the classroom, as they have really taken off whilst sat on the window sill of Mama’s kitchen.

One small purple chillie was spotted yesterday, and another was spotted this evening in taking the above picture. They have reached the heady heights of 60 cm. That is how high the green plant supports are. I firmly believe that the current heat wave has inspired the blooming nature of these beauties. They previously looked altogether weary and not so full bodied.
There are more leaves, more of the lilac rimmed flowers bursting into life. I had been wondering as to when they would all kick off.

The tiny little chillies are little round domed bubbles. A lot like berries, I suppose.A beautiful shade of mauve; not really Cadbury purple. I’m intrigued as to with what the colour changes will be. I have never seen a chilli or a pepper start off with a coloured fruit. So used to seeing them start of as green fruit. Bit of an opposite process with these.

It remains to be seen as to how potent these will be. And being in the kitchen, best place to find out.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit