Little bits of rocket fuel

20130728-014839 PM.jpg

20130728-014856 PM.jpg

I love my spicy little triffid monsters. These leafy, flowered beauties have taken up the kitchen window sill for some time now. Little berry sized chillies have formed; today I harvested those of a reasonable size. I felt compelled to as there are a lot of flowers but also a number of these self abort and fall off.

The vague plan with these, is to possibly make an experimental batch of chilli jam.

And with the jam making. I tried to make a courgette chutney.

20130728-015227 PM.jpg

The recipe is from pam the jam at river cottage. And is tenuously Bollywood. It now sits in the fridge. Ready for consumption.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit