Room enough for a view

In taking up the other of the plot, we have gone from 89sq metres, to the grand sum of 200 sq metres. I borrowed Dad’s measuring tape so that I could arrive at that figure. Allowing me to further take stock of what was where.

20130824-035752 PM.jpg

There are a lot of builders bags at the back, I know. All to be used, filled with waste and autumnal leaves. The Wendy house is there, as are the raised beds, daleks and water buts. In addition, there is the top end. Sukh shanti garden at the bottom is separated from project Othello by the arch.

A bit of hard prep today, for project Othello. I hate digging, and generally avoid it.

20130824-040121 PM.jpg

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit