Fit for a king: King Edwards’s Potato’s

I’ve never grown spuds before. Last year, was a complete and utter slug fest. So there was heightened anticipation with the onset of September, the wilting and keeling over of foliage. Today, king Edwards potatoes were taken up.

I have to say, I am little disappointed. I was expecting some proper, big, chipper potatoes. As you will see from the picture, there are few big ones, and a lots of little diddly ones. Diddly ones no bigger than say new potatoes. These were all planted at Easter, in lots of horse poop. Had heard horse poop would be useful for them. I think as they were in raised beds, they have suffered, There was a fair bit of grass thrown into the bed from time to time. . There a few green ones, that have caught the light. Lots of pink splodged tubers.

Lady Balfour and Maris Piper remain. These haven’t wilted or keeled over yet, if at all.

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