Broad beans are sleeping in a blankety bed

20131214-025101 pm.jpg

20131214-025112 pm.jpg

Finally, after a delay; have managed to sink broadbeans. About four weeks later then normal. Have been desperately trying to shoehorn the time in to do so. Lo and behold, mama H has taken umbrage at broadbeans; and pleaded with me not sink them. I can sink runner beans, that’s fine. But she has a personal disdain for them, and didn’t want them to be grown.

I don’t mind them, and the double podded they don’t taste too bad. That was an Trial and error finding, I tell you. This years I am sowing three digest varieties. Bunyards exhibition, suttons dwarf and some form aquadulce. You may also read of them being term field beans or fava beans. Minus the lecter, I assure you.

A whole bed on project othello has been dedicated to them. One of two beds that had yet to be filled. Each bean has been sunk through cardboard with a dibber. That’s a lot of beans, certainly. And we shall see if anyone of them comes off.