Taking chances

It pained me to have tidied up the poly, and then have nothing in there. My original intention had been to leave it empty; but this pulled at the heart strings.


There is not an awful lot that can be sown at this time of year; making this altogether more frustrating. I already have broadbeans and garlic sunk. And there are baby onion seedlings, sown in the Wendy house. So I rummaged around the seedstasher, and thought about taking some chances. 


Have faffed around, sinking the following:


Cosmic purple carrots

Rainbow chard

Medina spinach

Alexandra peas

Purple king fagiolo nano

Lollo Rosso


I could have sank some beetroot and other additional lettuce leaves. Only the wind was picking up and it the temperature was staring to drop. It was as rather nippy 8 degrees in the poly today. Only in the last few moments, dark clouds are setting to gather. 


Not quite sure if any of what has been down today will actually come off. Not everything requires high temperatures; the lettuce for instance. It was nice to potter in the poly, actually and marvel at just how much space is in there. That’s not to say I’m going to turn it into a forest of botanical proportions. I could imagine how it might look with chillies, tomatoes and aubergines. It would me rather interesting to get aubergines in that. Perhaps a melon. The poly looks a bit sad right now, and it might get a bit cheered up with the bits that have been sown today.