Mer’Christmas folks

With the run up to Christmas, Ukstorm2013 batters the sceptred isles. Two days of wind and rain has caused widespread disruption, and sadly there are many people who are struggling to get home with flights and rail travel being affected.

Being happily ensconced at home with the family, I am really quite fortunate. The height of my fears with the turbulent weather, has been whether or not the poly tunnel or wendy take flight. In the past, when there has been 50 mph hour winds there has been definite carnage with the wendy house being reduced to a carcass.

And this year with the raising of the poly, one has to don the red wellingtons and make sure that both of the structures are still there. The site is something of  a wind trap, and poly tunnel covers have been known to go flying and off onto the horizon. The walk down the very boggy, very damp pathway is always fraught with anxiety. Looking up and getting blinded by sun; you have to squint to make sure that you can still see the two green structures.

Today, the path was soggy. The wendy and poly were there. Cold but bright. So very desolate and damp looking. Noticed a lot of puddles, where the plot is shallow. There may be some onion patches that get sacrificed because of that.

Tomorrow is of course the big day. The turkey crown is brought, as are the Brussels. The single solitary contribution to this years dinner is two parsnips from Aunty tish’s plot. The possible plan, is to sow some boxing day experimental chillies. Not sure which ones yet, but only just a few.

Have a happy, joy filled Christmas what ever you do. Be safe, and stay warm.


There are plenty of seed catalogues to flick through!

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