Motion picture: start of 2014 part one

Off I went today to the plot today, with the aim that I would do a spot of filming. The main reason for this, was having seen lots of clips here and there about plot endeavours and experiences.  So this could go very wrong, and is not exactly bafta or oscar winning. It’s an experiment. Yet another one! Not helped by having to faff with uploading, and then taking a long time for it to do so. Honestly, technology.

One makes no apology for the very accent. It helps put it all into context. Don’t laugh. No sniggering, I mean it!

Bear with me, I hope. There are three general clips that I want to put up, but the technology means I can’t dish it all out at once. Might get one more out today. If not, then next week.

2 thoughts on “Motion picture: start of 2014 part one”

  1. Great video 🙂 it’s good to see other people’s plots and listen to you’re tips and advice. Looking forward to the next video. It was nice to hear the birds tweeting too peaceful x

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