Lay of the land

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As you know, plot 2 is very low and liable to get flooded. Whilst for half of the plot this is remedied by having raised beds; the other half is proving to equally challenging. A few of the beds are quite uneven and these dips fill up and write off crops. Today, I took a by whim walk down. It’s been a few days. I noticed that there was big heap of woodchip and tree left for communal use and decided to make use of it. Whilst I can hear the harbingers tut and groan about using green woodchip; I am using it as organic material. In the same way you might use poop or grass cuttings. It will help even out the land and possibly help alter the otherwise heavy clay. If the worst comes to worse, It will covered over with any spare leaf mold that might be available.

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  1. Thank you. It’s quite an experiment. Worried about the top half flooding and rotting through any potatoes that I might sink. Never had much success growing in open ground with heavy clay and dodgy slopes.

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