Tiddler tomatoes 2014

20140226-082008 am.jpg

This years tomato babies are only just starting to get their proper leaves. Some of them are a little bit taller than expected; didn’t quite pot them up as well as I could have. Also they are stretching towards the light a bit. I am debating putting them into the 4TB; mainly as it is still quite cold at night. Should I then cover them with a fleece and leave them to it?

Debating this morning as to whether I should modularise running beans and broadies. All too eager….

4 thoughts on “Tiddler tomatoes 2014”

  1. I’d be a little bit more reluctant to put them outside at this stage especially as they only tend to be really small and is not fully developed a true leaves. It would be a shame to put all of your hard work to waste for them to suffer in the cold.

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