Dorset and Bengle Naga

The superhots are currently sat by a window, occasionally bathing in the sun. Whilst I have tobasco, chocolate habenero and serrano from I have the Dorset and Bengle Nagas from There is even a dorset naga growing challenge which I am thinking about signing up to.

I have never grown superhots before, this years experiment is a first. Initially, the dorset naga germinated but got stuck in its seed case and had to be resown. Eventually, one baby did germinate and shed it’s seedcase. Imagine my surprise, when I found a second Dorset naga baby coming through. Along side the Dorset Naga is the bengle naga. This one actually germinated a lot quicker.



The bengle naga is already developing its first true leaves. The Dorset Naga is a little behind. I must point out, that these were sown and placed into a heated prop. Once they had germinated and the baby leaves were established, they were housed in a food bag whilst sat in a gravel tray. Since then, they are still in thegravel tray, and with the recent cooler weather they are covered with a slightly askew plastic cold prop lid. I dare not chance another cold snap. I am not using grow lights or heated mats, these are left to the own devices. The aim, is to to house these in the poly tunnel. However, this will take some time and the plants will need to be a much bigger and a little stronger. At this early stage, this is altogether frustrating; I have yet to resort to talking to them to encourage them to grow. I wouldn’t rule out that from happening, though. These are still very tiny, that is the biggest issue-no pun intended, and the summer is a very long way away.


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