Sunderland kale: spinach-y superfood

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I was given this Sunderland Kale as a seedling some time last year by a fellow grape, and it was planted into a raised bed. For a while it did nothing. Sat there and sulked, it would grow when it felt like it. Was there fore left to its own devices until today.

It’s not a big plant, but has a nice umbrella mushroom like form. And apparently a superfood. Could have fooled me, it doesn’t have a cape. Have harvested some today for dinner, to be steamed. It’s somehow related to spinach, the leaves are very much like spring greens too. And for the moment, yet to be munched on by slimers. Though I did lob one away on harvesting, by way of warning.

This is a surprise crop, and mama h is rather enamoured by it as it so spinach like. She rather likes her spinach. This is probably good for among onion bhajis too. Shall see what happens!

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