Celery, carrot and parsnip experiment

20140316-011046 pm.jpg

20140316-011056 pm.jpg

20140316-011107 pm.jpg

Felt like sowing some experimental seeds before going to the plot. I know many people are averse to using peat free fibre pots. I am just experimenting, as I can also make my own paper pots.

Mama h was my glamorous assistant in sowing the seeds once I had filled the pots with MPC. They are now sat in the four tier blowaway on slow cook. Have sown these direct before, the carrots at least. Not bad but not much of a crop. These can be transplanted hopefully, even though I do have clay soil. Nothing wrong with wonky carrots! Celary, was tried last year but keeled over with legginess. Have ne’er succeeded with parsnips.

A huge experiment!

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