Lifted; up we come

20140710-042028 pm-58828583.jpg

20140710-042030 pm-58830880.jpg

Have lifted the garlic from the largest bed. Have to say, that I’m not convinced by this years crops. Purple wight was this years go to, in previous years it has been brilliant. Yielding big fat juicy cloves. This years crop is smaller in bulb and Clove size. The vayo and sultop does appear to have done better. There is further evidence for putting it in raised beds.

Now left to dry out and use as and when.

5 thoughts on “Lifted; up we come”

  1. I cut the tops off, too, once they have dried out. Still eating last year’s crop and it’s doing fine 🙂

    If you’ve still got the tops, you could eat them as well – before they dry.

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