Inside the hobbit hot house

20140802-025653 pm-53813986.jpg

You have to wipe down your glasses after stepping in as the temperature rises in there.

Is burgeoning in there with blooming aubergines. There are cascades of lilac flowers. If you look closely, having delicately stepped inside; there are a few white chilli and pepper flowers. Still don’t fancy even touching the habanero or naga plants at risk of dropping the flowers.

The crimson sweet water melon is vining all over that place and today i spotted two fruit in need of pollinating. Sweet potatoes are also sprawling everywhere.

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  1. Mm, was wondering how robust it might be! Mine would be sheltered by a high fence, which might help (as long as fence panels didn’t fall on it. Desperate for more space for seedlings and ‘indoor’ crops and guess it would pay for itself fairly quickly.

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