Miserable year for chillies




This has to be the least successful year for me regarding chillies. Not a single one has been borne to fruitition, even with the poly tunnel. I had more success last year with out one! The orange and chocolate habaneros, bengle and Dorset nagas, serrano, jamaican jerk are lovely and green. There are clutches of where flowers. But not even a smudge of fruit. They are warm, mostly with the mild temperatures we have been experiencing; watered too. But this year I have experienced a complete and abject failure.

6 thoughts on “Miserable year for chillies”

  1. I love to find other gardening blogs! Your plants look so healthy and loaded with flowers, so it may just be a matter of time. I’d be sure that pollinators such as bees can get to the flowers under the tunnel. Peppers are supposed to be self-pollinating, but some help may be needed here. Also, if it is too hot under the tunnel, they may not set fruit. Hope you get loads of peppers! Happy gardening!

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