Last of the summer preserves: spicy green tom chutney




I got a little bored of chopping tomatoes, so only half of that trough actually made it into chutney. Lots of green tomatoes, with a onion, garlic and ginger base.

Were added to cider vinegar, purée tomatoes, mustard, cumin, chillies, cayenne, paprika, turmeric, peppercorns , fennel and white mustard seeds. Cooked slowly until a large amount of the liquid has disappeared.

I did put a fair bit of tomato purée so that it didn’t look like a green mess. So far it tastes as though it has a kick.

10 thoughts on “Last of the summer preserves: spicy green tom chutney”

  1. I can believe it…. I’ve got at least as many toms but I am going to try to ripen a few with the help of apples/bananas and whatever sunshine we get.

  2. I had a glut of green tomatoes last year and I used Delia Smith’s chutney recipe. Delia assures it tastes even better with keeping. And it did. So lay some down for a few months and savour the rich spicy bouquet with strong green tomato overtones, lasts longer on the tongue, and ends in a smooth finish! 🙂

  3. I had a glut of tomatoes this year and hardly any turned red, so have been looking out for a good green tom chutney (as I’ve never made any before). Your recipe looks delicious, may I ask where it came from?

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