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I mentioned previously how I like using Moleskine notebooks. Have been using them for years, particularly since I trained to teach. There was just something about them. Especially given the literary history to them. I’ve had many different versions. Okay they are pricey, that is an issue! If they weren’t imported, they would distinctly cheaper.But they do last forever, they are fairly robust.

I now have a notebook dedicated to blogging. Especially since I might not be around a PC/phone/tablet. There really is something about seeing your words fill lines and the space of a page. Think I wrote two bits yesterday with a large pot of tea-hobsons in Stratford upon avon, £1.75, bargain-could have written another, but I had to depart.

And Jean was correct. Still don’t improve my handwriting.

And nl

2 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMO: pen, paper,Blog”

  1. I remember as a schoolgirl the excitement at the beginning of each term when I was given new exercise books.
    Hope I wasn’t too rude about your handwriting because it looks rather nice to me. A lovely flowing movement.

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