#NaBloPoMo: Sampling Shakespeare: Much ado about nothing

Funny. This was play was funny.

imageFrom the opening moments, there is laughter, guffaws and giggles. Definitely more bang for buck compared to ‘Loves labours lost’.

The lavish sets and costumes are back, and boy do you still channel Downton. Though I did feel a bit of Jeeves and Wooster this time. The actors have done a switcheroo and the minors from the first show now occupy the major roles. To be fair, the fella who played bendick was a heavy weight in the first show. He now carries the show, complete with dirty giggle. You’ll know it when you hear it.

And talking about hearing things. The bad butler, he was a Bollywood! I for once, wasn’t the only Bollywood in the house! That was a surprise and a half I tell you. But his accent. Oh Dead Gods. Maybe, in being a born and bred Brummie, I can hear the idiolect rhythm and rhyme a mile off. And boy was it ghetto, or close to it. I got sounds of Dudley and Sandwell. It was rather disturbing. The boy butler, from the Black Country. I may have squirmed a little in my seat.

The costumes are exquisite. Lots of dapper looking chaps in twenties suits. Girls wear the most beautiful of age dresses. The word really is sumptuous.

Dogberry was a spot of light relief. The teapot scene was wonderfully crafted. Akin to something out of the Two Ronnies. Not a single word is uttered, but the meaning is clear.

Definitely more bang for buck compared to loves labours lost. A good night out, with good clean fun. A more positive story, written in a more fluid way. There was no part where you wondered when it would end.

The last word though. So much better than Joss Whedon’s attempt. Love that fella and his universe; but leave Shakespeare alone.