#NaBloPoMO: Starting off some where, some how.

Later today I am sampling Shakespeare for last time time this season. I have had the privilege of seeing quite a few productions at the RSC over the last eighteen months. Some of the were lovely, one of them less so. Tonight I will be watching ‘Much ado about nothing’ and with no Joss Whedon in sight. Hopefully I will post the verdict later If I am fully cogent.

I am watching it at the RSC, arguably the cradle of all things contemporary Shakespeare. Sat on the river Avon, it has a certain something about it. As long as you are polite to the geese, of course.

Makes sense to me, to start the month of NaBloPoMO here. The birthplace of a Great British wordsmith does the job by way of inspiration. I have my black biro and moleskine notebook ready to craft. As nice as it is being sat typing. Having a notebook and pen is something unique. You can see the words exit on the page and watch a whole world being created. Sadly my writing does resemble a spider having crawled through ink; so typeface is fine as an end product. I have quite a few ideas to draft out. You’d be surprised as to what crosses your mind when you think about it.

12 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMO: Starting off some where, some how.”

  1. We have moleskins over here in Australia. They are rather ‘top draw’ and just perfect for your creative writing. Unfortunately, even moleskins cannot help with crawling spider writing. They just add more class.
    Enjoy the performance.

  2. Ohh envious ness being able to watch ‘quite a few’ Shakespeares at the RSC. You lucky lucky thing! We made it there last year for the first time since I was a kid. It was breathtaking!

  3. We left the Richard II with david tennant. It was toooooooo long. The NT live starts here after 8.00 pm on a week night. If its not good it can be very challenging.

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