#NaBloPoMO: Starting off some where, some how.

Later today I am sampling Shakespeare for last time time this season. I have had the privilege of seeing quite a few productions at the RSC over the last eighteen months. Some of the were lovely, one of them less so. Tonight I will be watching ‘Much ado about nothing’ and with no Joss Whedon in sight. Hopefully I will post the verdict later If I am fully cogent.

I am watching it at the RSC, arguably the cradle of all things contemporary Shakespeare. Sat on the river Avon, it has a certain something about it. As long as you are polite to the geese, of course.

Makes sense to me, to start the month of NaBloPoMO here. The birthplace of a Great British wordsmith does the job by way of inspiration. I have my black biro and moleskine notebook ready to craft. As nice as it is being sat typing. Having a notebook and pen is something unique. You can see the words exit on the page and watch a whole world being created. Sadly my writing does resemble a spider having crawled through ink; so typeface is fine as an end product. I have quite a few ideas to draft out. You’d be surprised as to what crosses your mind when you think about it.

12 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMO: Starting off some where, some how.”

  1. Ohh envious ness being able to watch ‘quite a few’ Shakespeares at the RSC. You lucky lucky thing! We made it there last year for the first time since I was a kid. It was breathtaking!

      1. We left the Richard II with david tennant. It was toooooooo long. The NT live starts here after 8.00 pm on a week night. If its not good it can be very challenging.

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