#NaBloPoMO: The holiday you don’t forget; Tunisia 2005

One of the NaBloPoMO prompts this week was about holidays. Eight years ago, I was lucky enough to go on my first proper holiday abroad with my aunt and cousin. I think it was Wimbledon week 2005. There had been travel vaccinations involved, and even malaria tablets. I was a student, so this had to be travel on a budget. We had discussed where we wanted to go, I suggested Tunisia, and thought nothing of it. I fancied going there, and it was a corner of the universe to travel to. So off we went to Hamamet.

The day we landed, it rained. For all of half an hour, and all the water evaporated as soon as it had arrived. Being a meat eater, I was okay with most things. Unlike my vegetarian and vegan travel companions, this proved a bit difficult. Those two ideas are not easily translated in that part of the world. As you can see, it was beautifully hot, I burned terribly and by day six I was happy to stay indoors. Floppy hat and floaty Kaftan were order of the day, and lots and lots of aftersun.

We spent three days travelling across salt desert, having a novelty camel ride. All of six hundred yards, but I have now ridden a camel. I survived that, the damned things don’t half smell. Even went to a vineyard and did some shopping. I bartered for and bought a tea service. Don’t ask me why, but it was something like 12 Tunisian Dinar or £6.

The highlight for me, was El Gem, the Colosseum. Absolutely break taking. Imagine, a Roman Wembley. I actually stood in the middle and just looked up. A completely awe making sight. Imagine, being there knowing you were going to cease to exist. That a great big hungry lion was coming straight at you. Wasn’t happening the day we went, thankfully, there was going to be an open air concert that day. The picture that you see above, involved sitting on a knobbly seat and trying not to fall down. There was even roman graffiti etched into the stone. Down below, were the rather eerie dungeons where prisoners were kept. Such a sad place, cold as well. Rumour has it that Gladiator may have been shot there. In Matmata, another region we passed through, Star Wars had been shot there. If you ever see a Colosseum, other than the Italian one, go see this one.

For my first ever proper holiday, I was truly spoiled. I’d definitely go back, and to a posher hotel too. And with a fella. I don’t advise going there as a group of girls.

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  1. I remember a holiday in Tunisia that I too will never forget. More years ago than I care to remember and I think it was just starting off as a holiday destination for Brits. First time I’d been in such heat. Set off from the hotel and got to the top of the drive before turning back and realised that only “mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”.
    We went on a package holiday and half of the hotel got Delhi Belly – or shall we call it Tunisian Tummy. By golly they gave those aircraft toilets a work out on the way back to Blighty! Sorry to lower the tone of your blog.
    (We still managed to have a good time over there – lots of laughs and we all got a sun tan!)

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