#NaBloPoMo: Chilled out Chillies

The interior of the poly tunnel looks a bit like Miss. Havisham’s boudoir at the moment. All of the chillies are still fleeced over. Good thing too as we had the first frost this week. Today was the first opportunity that I had to check that the chillies were all there, and yes they are. One or two leaves have gone a little black, but the rest remain green. May  have to feed them, but they are all still very green, leafy and there are lots of flower buds.

As they look so leafy, and full of buds, I don’t really want to euthanise them. I would just like to have one chilli!

8 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo: Chilled out Chillies”

  1. What has been their progress? Variety is also key. Mine are super hots and therefore slow going. I’ve had success before with Cayennes. No one ever tells you how complicated growing chillies actualy is! You can make them leafier by watering regularly with tomato food. If yours are inside, keep them warm and well fed. They will then ‘fluff’ up. Expert chilli growers than swap feed for feed that will provide fruit. Probably my mistake!

  2. To be honest, I’ve been rubbish at feeding them. The poor things are starving!
    I usually do cayenne (because they grow well and are good ‘all purpose’ chillies for the kitchen), jalapenos (because my husband LOVES them) and a novelty variety. I’m going to compost them this year and go for it in January. Make sure you give plenty of tips on your site!!

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