#NaBloPoMo: Where did the girl power generation go?



I remember The Spice Girls. Their idea of Girl Power. I was there. It all appeared to make sense, where were all the female role models?

Only a fortnight ago, Victoria Beckham was named something of a business entrenpreneur. Not bad for a girl band member with a pout. Moving all the way to a global icon. (Did she or did she not trade on brand beckham, did she create the band, and therein him?)

Anyway, female role models. Can you rememver one, in the last five years? Not after a feminist soap box rant.

And do we need all singing, all dancing role models, and for the sake of it, a girl, a woman?

Over the last few years there have been a number of initiatives aimed at encouraging women into science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Even ‘The Big Bang Theory’ was linked with an increase in the number of women studying Physics. Other than Madam Curie, I’m not sure that I could identify another female physicist. Does this beg the question then, are women put off by science? I would certainly say that I am involved in science, as a teacher of Psychology. I teach about observable empricism and the application of scientific principles. Yet, I’m not sure if I could be accurately defined as a woman in Science.

So Science is one area where the presence of women is questioned. I started with the mention of Victoria Beckham. How do you speak about her, and not be accused of cynical jealousy. Particularly, with her association to footbal. For me, she is not the only one to be linked. Arguably, the first lady of football, would be Karren Brady. She was last week made a peer in the House of lords, and can now be called Lady Brady. She was at one point on the board of Birmingam City Football club. Who else, with the exception of Mia Hamm, would you possible equate with football?

Female leadership in sport does exist. There are definitely stalwart ladies out there in the board rooms. Even as managers, Hope Powell was in charge of England ladies, until she was replaced by a fella. Another lady, whose exact name escapes me, manages a lower league men’s side in France. Andy Murray’s mum was his coach, and has been involved in sport for years.

Yet recently, a male coach suggested that women were absent as leaders in sport as they couldn’t handle the sight of boy bits.

I had to read that a few times too.

There are certainly ladies with clout. We have Posh, we have Beyonce. We have Adele.   But what does this mean for the average young lady?

That is less clear cut. All these shiny, indepedent, autonomous lady. Yet where is the translation to the classrooms, day care centres, public forums. I still wonder, about the legacy of the Girl Power Generation. We have yet to have another woman Prime Minister in Great Britain, yet our Queen is still going strong. There is are all Female shortlists for MP’s, yet the SNP only had one proper candidate and she happened to be a woman. A bonus.

There is either  a whinge and moan, about lack of female representation, or the banging of the drum that we have to have representation categorically. A yes but no situation, that cannot be resolved so easily.

Posh, Beyonce, Adele are certainly shiny. But ordinary, I’m not so sure.

We shall keep looking, for the elusive Girl Power Generation.

9 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo: Where did the girl power generation go?”

  1. How do you know that? Isn’t it just as likely that we are all positively influenced by all kinds of people around us? Once a child reaches the point where they start to think critically, I would have thought a mother in science, for example, would have more influence than some distant character on TV.

  2. We were having a discussion in my office yesterday (I work in HE) about women in science and we felt that there are as many women as men in the early stages of their career but due to things like childcare they don’t make it to fame levels.

  3. Yep, we have babies, and stop in our tracks in some cases. Real life takes over. And whilst some go on keep going. Some will hang back. Now, the upper echelons which are fellas are retiring and there is no one, male or female to fill the ranks. It’s a thorny subject!

  4. I’m not a scientist but it’s not the babies that cause the problem necessarily, it’s the glass ceiling. My childminder stops work at 5:30 so I have to leave work at 4:30. Because of that, I can’t get a promtion.

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