Today we jamm’d

Well, Chilli Jamm’d or jellied, depending on how you look at it.

Have been a bit absent with the festivities, so thought I’d pop back briefly. I haven’t made chilli jam/jelly in a while. I had wanted to make some for Christmas, and didn’t get around to it. I did manage to find a small amount that had been hidden in the pantry, for my Boxing day Brunch. A roast dinner toastie. It just had to be done. Plus there is a cheese board floating around that would benefit from the chilli jam.

For those of you not familiar with it, I use the nigella chilli jam recipe. I have however adapted it a little since. I was also slightly bereft of a working jam thermometer today. The one  have, no longer hits beyond 100 for some reason. I try and use it today, though, it got to 100. I used 2 large yellow sweet peppers, three scotch bonnet peppers, yes, three. And a fair bit of ginger. As well as 650 Ml of Cider vineger and 1lb of jam sugar.As per the recipe, sugar and vinegar was placed into the maslin pan. On a a low heat, and not stirred. Once the sugar was dissovled, I added the blitzed mix of peppers and ginger. I wore rubber gloves through out! I know what happen when you don’t wear the gloves. It hurts.

This mixture was then brought to the boil, and the thermometer managed to hit 100, and wouldn’t any higher. I am told though, that the wobblyness doesn’t matter. That I should aim for gloop more than anything. Cooled slightly, I then ladled into jars. It then cools, to set and have a solid wobble gloopiness to it. It’s not yellow, as you would expect. I think that’s because I did put two large sweet peppers in.With one pepper, it does definitely have less colour.

Jam is sat cooling, so we shall see later how gloopy set it is.

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  1. Looks very pretty in it’s jars and I’m sure it tastes wonderful – with a bit of a ‘punch’. Hope you had a great Christmas. We had a hot one over here in Queensland, and now it’s pouring with rain which will be wonderful for the garden/allotment.

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