So long 2014, you’ve been interesting


On the last day of 2014, that is what the plot looks like. A bit dreary, eh? Wasn’t always like that though.

But the plot has been through a fair bit. Least of all the elements of Great Britain.

Seeds were sown, never at the right time, or in the right amounts. Seedlings germinated, some made it, some gave up the ghost and keeled over. There were slugs and snails, puddles and problem cabbages. The heavy clay was unrelenting. Arid and angry in the sun, it didn’t hold much water. Damp and rained upon, it was soggy and sulky. There were tomatos by the ton, three chillies, just three. Despite a whole poly tunnel of leafy plants.  One whopper aubergine, the rest were all tiddly. Courgettes by the dozen.  Marrows, that you cuddled to carry.

There was a Baby Bruno. His seeds have now dried, and all being well, will go to good home. This was the year of the Hobbit trug, and boy did it earn it’s keep. So much so, one was donated to Gardening Leave to give them a hand. A case of share the love with that trug. Was made by the fab Loldeantimber you can find them here and tell them I sent you.

2014 has not been an easy year. That’s not to say others have been. It has been different, and has presented it’s own challenges. After all, no one plot is the same. And mine, is the worst on the site according to the secretary, in terms of the soil and slope. I have been told several times to move down the site and have a better chance. In my mind though, I think I have a fighting chance. It has taken me this long to the plot this far.

I would like to thank everyone who had read the blog over the last year. Thank you, for all the comments. Than you, for just reading. I don’t call myself an expert, but I do like to share what I learn and experience. If that is of any use to any one, then than that is one happy bonus.

Thank you, and a very happy new year to you all ^_^

One thought on “So long 2014, you’ve been interesting”

  1. Happy New Year. I have enjoyed following your blogging journey in 2014. My dear little allotment is being terribly neglected at the moment. I went over there yesterday for our regular Wednesday morning gathering of allotmenteers but we had 33c degrees with high humidity and even the bravest amongst us called it a day by 10am and sat in the shade outside the communal tool shed eating cake and drinking tea. But we will be back to fight another day.
    Happy New Year (again).

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