floral ‘obbit seedbox by @loldeantimber

You are all aware of the floral obbit trug made by https://www.facebook.com/Loldeantimber?fref=ts and now they have matching seedboxes too!

The trug was brilliant last year and the matching seedbox is a welcome addition. Now contains some seeds, so already been put to good use. The seedbox was a fabulous welcome surprise when it arrived the other day. Complements the ‘obbit trug beautifully. The same colour and the same pattern, I am really very proud of them both.

The floral ‘obbit trug was a commission made of https://www.facebook.com/Loldeantimber?fref=ts last year. Hand made, with the unique floral petal, the trug has paid for itself over and over in courgettes and goodies. It’s evidence of a small British Business growing and going from strength to strength. The hard work, commitment and passion of @loldeantimber is evidenced beautifully in their hand made GYO products.

As with everything on the blog, if I like something, I will say. I will share the love for something that is outstanding, makes allotmenteering easier and more of a pleasure to do. I don’t do random plugs or advertising for the sake of it. You won’t find such phoney product placement or promotion here. The floral ‘obbit trug has been a gem to use and with the seedbox, it becomes even more special. I love both the box and the trug, and just have to share.

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