Planting Blueberries

Having researched over the last week or so, the blueberry plants have been planted into pots. I had found a rather twiggy plant at wilkos, this was the blue crop. The advice is to have more than one variety, so I have also found one called darrow and another called blue jay from a local garden centre. I had been toying with putting them into the clay. But research suggested against this. Advice is to put into pots rather than into ground. Blueberries require ericanaecious compost, or however you spell it. The pots have holes in, so I didn’t need to attack them with a screw driver, and now have the compost in. The plants have been plugged in and also watered with rainwater that happened to be held in a large container. The blue crop from wilkos seems to be the smallest, with the other two plants being much larger and robust. Suggesting that they are at least a year or so old, they did come in fairly big 1.5 litre pots.

2 thoughts on “Planting Blueberries”

  1. I am sure your blueberries will do fine. I planted mine in clay and after acidifying with pine needles and coffee grounds. It seemed okay, though the birds ate the berries, mostly. (They got under the netting!)

  2. I use pine needles too, to help acidify the soil (though mine is a pretty good loam anyway). I also bought a load of cheap mint sauce (13p a jar!) from Asda a couple of years ago, just for the jars themselves (for jams etc) and put the sauce around the blueberries – not too close! It definitely raised the acidity levels and I got a good crop. It also helped keep the general weeds down.

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