Big allotment challenge the final

Episode six and it’s final time. I watched this last episode with some trepidation. Despite having spent 5 weeks swooning over @robsallotment, it was hard to think who might win. I won’t say who, you may want to watch it.

sadly I don’t recall last years final in detail. But I do think that this year the final was tougher. The grow challenge was all about cauliflowers and cape gooseberries. Cauliflowers, I have experienced growing and therefore can have some empathy with the contestants. I don’t find them easy to grow. There was some good growing advice and mentions of the pests that can cause a huge hindrance. Loved the beautiful purple cauliflower. You wouldn’t get that in the supermarket or would you?! Wasn’t sold on the cape gooseberries. Don’t think I would grow them myself.

Flowers passed me by, per usual.

The eat was as ever an opportunity for Thane. Seriously, give this lady her own show. I don’t think she has been as mean she could have been. Even then, thane gives constructive feedback. Yes, she’ll say if something is bad. But she has never stuck the palate knife in. There were cocktails. Which makes perfect sense if you hs shave ever made homebrew from plot fruit. Would have been nice to see more of that though. I don’t know how thane stayed sober. Confectionary was an interesting idea as was the canapés.