Seedlings and soft fruit: cynical single day



Today is the feast of saint valentines and as ever, I don’t have any plans. Have finally received the yellow autumn raspberries that I was expecting. These are a variety called fall good and will go with the yellow autumn bliss canes planted last summer. I am hoping that these actually taste of something. Have been rather looking forwards to them. These canes have been plugged in alongside the autumn bliss and hinnonmaki green goosberries.

Have also made paper pots today and potted up some wiry tomato babies. I now have two dozen babies so I doubt very I shall be sowing any more. Unless of course they all keel over.

4 thoughts on “Seedlings and soft fruit: cynical single day”

  1. I grew sun gold but they reverted to red after one season… Someone said it was because they were too near to the others, but I don’t think that can be right, as I would expect that from any plants grown from its seeds, not the plant itself. Maybe I was just ripped off!
    I planted some apricot and black raspberries two years ago and they have been great – the flavours are different.

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