#PsychologySunflowerChallenge 2015 is a go!

Sowing sunflowers
Sowing sunflowers

And we are off. Today I have sown sunflowers to kick off the Psychology Sunflower challenge 2015. I have sown two varieties, sunburst and Giant Sunflowers.

You can see the previous post here where I put it all into context.

The top two rows of the tray above are sunflowers seeds. The other three rows contain assorted flowers that will sunk along side. All of which, will contribute to entertaining bumble bees and help pollinate crops.

The key for this challenge is Sunflowers.

I am challenging my fellow teachers and school support staff, regardless of subject area and age range, to grow sunflowers. Something of a natural experiment, if you like. The details above, are taken from the latest article of The ATP Magazine. Later this year, I am hoping to carry out a workshop at The ATP conference that looks at gardening and well being.

These do tend to grow quickly, and get big quickly at that. So these will need to be potted up as and when. They will also need to be hardened off and exposed to the elements before being placed into their final positions.