Tree-ly Delightful

With the school term ended, I had a mission today. To not only sow sunflowers for the Psychology Sunflower challenge but to also sink two additional fruit trees. These were a doyenne du Comice pear tree, and a Moorpark Apricot tree. I am still expecting a Czar plum tree.

The Moor Park Apricot, is an experiment, the same way at the Rochester peach tree. But the pear and plum are to help support the two other pear and plum trees. The plum tree has flowered and fruited before, but not since. The Pear tree however, has flowered but never fruited. I am not sure of any of my plot neighbours having a pear tree, so that is important as having another pear tree helps pollination. There are huge great big plum trees-been there a good fifty years-further down the allotment site.

In all honesty, I have been wondering how far bumble bees can fly from one flower to another. Do they fly in feet, metres, miles? In time there will be flowers to help them fly around easily.

The full list of fruit trees on the plot is as follows:

  • Worcester Pearmain
  • Rochester peach
  • Moor Park Apricot
  • Falstaff apple
  • Braeburn apple
  • Victoria plum
  • Doyenne du Comice pear
  • Concord pear
  • Sylvia Cherry
  • Czar plum-still expected

3 thoughts on “Tree-ly Delightful”

  1. Hopefully the trees will produce more as they mature!

    I’ve no idea how far bumble bees fly but if a honey bee can do one and a half miles, that might be a useful gauge.

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