Dorset Naga, Trying again 2015


I wandered around the stands at he edible garden show and was lucky enough to bump into the lovely lady proprietress of,uk Since I haven’t sown the dorset naga from seed, and have run out time to do so, I picked up a plug Not strictly cheating, as it’s now up to me to look after this young plant. This and another chilli variety, purple haze, were wrapped up delicately and placed into my rucksack to bring back to Birmingham. I had visions of them being half dead when I got back home, but they were okay.

I had no plans to have the Dorset naga amongst the vast collection of chilli babies that I have currently have. But seeing it, i couldn’t resist.

There have been valuable lessons learned from the experience of last year. This year, the Dorset naga and the other chillies will be in pots. I am not sinking them into the ground, to have lots of leafy luscious plants. This year, we become a bit precious about the plants. The hope is that the pot root constriction method will help plants be productive.

Looks tiny, but hopefully the plants of both varieties will grow stronger and robust.

Oh, and it will need a name. How else will it know it is being spoken to? 😉

4 thoughts on “Dorset Naga, Trying again 2015”

  1. Yes, I think being in pots will be good for chilli production. Not sure what name you should call your latest finding but those already mentioned sound fine to me 🙂

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