#NABLOPOMO: April 2015 ‘Grow’


Came across this the other day, and having participated in the November one last year, thought why not. Especially as the theme is ‘Grow’. That, I think, lends itself to the spirit of the blog. Since there is mostly growing, of fruit, vegetables and me as a person.

All being well, the usual allotment adventures will continue and there will be the usual blog posts about them. Last year, It was really nice to see how far away the blog was read. It gets read far and wide anyway, which is lovely to see!

The biggest difference was that the lovely folks on the other side of the pond were reading-remember, I write in England, Great Britain, about the plot. I’m not sure that allotmenteering is the quite the same thing over there. I am sure that there are people who grow fruit and veg, just not in the same way as allotments are organised here in Britain.

As always. I shall be sharing the highs, the lows, the slug stories and the weather damage. And if you want to head about anything in particular, then all you have do is ask.

2 thoughts on “#NABLOPOMO: April 2015 ‘Grow’”

  1. I am looking forward to continuing to enjoy your blogging about allotmenteering in Britain. From when I was raised and lived in the UK I remember all the big allotments, quite often they were on ground beside railway lines, but they were always big allotments with individual sheds on. Room to plant bushes and have great potato beds. It’s not the same here in Australia. I think it’s only more recently that allotments have taken off and they tend to be attached to community gardens. They are really small by UK standards. Allotments at our community farm are 8 square metres. That can be a real challenge when you are trying to decide what to plant into those precious square metres of soil. I’m lucky that I have been able to snare two allotments. Mine are sitting side by side so easy to care for.
    They might be small, but my pleasure in working them is huge.
    Happy gardening from Brisbane

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