#NABLOMO: Chillies Poly Tunnel move in


Some of the chillies have now started to develop flowers, as as well trying to escape their pots. I wouldn’t normally at this stage of the year, put them into the poly tunnel and guarantee myself a crop. It feels a little too early, but the plants are clearly communicating their happiness.

So, perhaps misunderstanding that, I have take a few of the larger plants and popped them into the poly tunnel. I have put slug tape around the pots, in the hope that they won’t get nibbled on. Plus the plants are tented with fleece, I am still wary about how well they are going to cope with being there. I have moved cayenne, Serrano and Hungarian hot wax. Some part of me feels as though they sacrificial. There are still a few left loitering at home, with flowers, that are only just into 12 cm pots.

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