First flush: Roses 2015

There are lots of roses on the plot. Over twenty at the last count. On the first half, we have the roses that we have labels for, we know vaguely what they are. On the second half however, contains roses that are lost label roses. I have no idea what their names are, or even what variety they are. What I do know, is that they are pretty. From what I remember, they are pretty in pink, but there are a few yellow ones in there.

These have now been on the plot for three years, so they are getting more established. In essence, the second half the plot, Project othello, has an avenue of roses and fruit trees that line the central path.

I am going to take it as good omen, that the roses are kicking off the growing season. Can’t eat them, no, but they do look pretty and add a spot of ambience to the plot.

3 thoughts on “First flush: Roses 2015”

  1. Well, you can actually eat rose petals. Great in cakes 🙂

    Not that they would in themselves provide a substantial meal!

  2. I think it is Moroccan cuisine that uses rose water – not sure what for, but I put it in cakes and it adds a little something.

    Then of course there is Turkish Delight. Now, there’s a thought….

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