#plantpottales go paperback

Whilst ‘playing with plant pots:tales from the allotment’ was initially released for distribution via a kindle. It is now also available in paperback.

Ultimately, I rather like books. I always have. There have been phases of my life where I have collected great piles of books; and have had to send them-after a while-to a new and loving home. I still have a pile of books that I refuse to part company with.

There is something about having a book between your palms and leafing through the pages. You can still leaf through and kindle, a highlight things. But you can’t use a pen, or make your own detailed annotations. I do draw the line, however, at highlighting in day glo pink vast swathes of a book. In my mind at least that is something of a no-no.

As mentioned previously on blog; writing the book was about sharing. Sharing my trials, tribulations. The successes and the failures. A physical book is another way of doing it. In addition, gardening books exist, in one shape or or another form. Now there is another one.

I mentioned previously about how you can at least write in your own copy of a book. You can own it and properly. You can engage with it. There is space enough in the book for that to happen. I encourage readers to do that; and even spot my typos if they so wish.

The very first, and in fact only, gardening book that I ever bought; is littered with my own notes and post its that are sellotaped in or further glued in so that they don’t fall out.

As with the kindle version, the book also has Mum’s recipes. Now you can the book into the kitchen. Again, you can annotate these and record your culinary experiments.

All the original images are in there; so the full colour vibrancy of plot produce can be experienced. I am yet to see a grey flower or pixelated produce.

The links for access are as follows:

U.S. link for Kindle

http://amzn.to/1FxpUTU U.S. link for paper back


U.K. Link for kindle

http://amzn.to/1KLaqrl U.K. Link for paper back