Blessed be the Bookstore @Pipe_n_Thimble


Somewhere across the pond, three of my books are waiting to go to new homes. Then there is the swag that went with them.

I like bookstores.

They are a gateway, a portal to brave new worlds. There is something truly magical about holding a book in your hand and reading the words that dance across the page. You learn, you study, you are educated and entertained. The Power of the word, the book is most likely second to the power of the universe. If Shakespeare and Dickens can decant the power of words so can others, especially Indie Authors.

Sadly, there are not many bookshops around. Independent ones at least, and especially here in the United Kingdom.

Yet  in the US, mother and daughter team Barb and Ellie Lieberman have taken up the crusade to support Indie authors and create the Pipe and Thimble Bookstore.

It was only through sheer fluke that I found the page for the store and asked if they wanted the recently released ‘Fragments’. You can imagine the small victory dance when the gardening books were mentioned.

I sent the books off, I also included some Petal swag and just for good measure. If Dickens-look, there are no parallels being drawn here-could send the story of Nell and across the pond, I fancy doing the same. This is the second time that Petal has landed in California, and the third time for her arrival in the states. All which rather gladdens the heart.

Having seen the pictures of the grand opening that occurred over the weekend, I take heart from being in good company. The Indie Community is amazing, and they have an epic champion in the form of Pipe and Thimble.  I wish Barb and  Ellie all the best, and cannot thank them enough for having taken a chance.

Now, go g**gle the store, and if you are in the same time zone, go visit!



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